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MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) 2006 comes into Force
Posted on September 2, 2014

MLC 2006 regulation has come into force since 20 August 2013.


The new international ILO convention consolidates and updates 68 international maritime labour standards


MLC 2006 :

-applies to all ships ordinarily engaged in commercial activities (cf list of exceptions),

-applies to any person employed or engaged or working in any capacity on board a ship to which the Convention applies,

-set standard regarding work conditions of seafarers including working hours, recreational facilities, health and safety, crew accomodation, food and catering, contractual arrangements and seafarers’ welfare and social protection.


According to regulation 4.2 ship owners must « provide to seafarers employed on the ships a right to material assistance and support with respect to the financial consequences of sickness, injury or death occuring while they are serving under a seafarers’ employment agreement »


The ship owner’s liability consists in paying the costs for seafarers working on their ships in respect of sickness and injury, giving access to prompt medial care, paying full wages…


In addition, MLC 2006 contains specific rules regarding the repatration of seafarers. Indeed regulation 2.5 provides « Seafarers have a right to be repatriated at no cost to themselves » (subject to certain exceptions).


Pay attention that ship-owner (even a non member state) could be submitted to port state control leading claims, arrest or seizure of the ship in a state member port.


Please be informed we issue employment contract under MLC 2006 and assist our client in case of litigation or non litigation matter under this ILO convention (which applies in the yachting/shipping area)

For more details, please contact Fabien D'HAUSSY : fd@ecdas.com
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