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Civil Litigation / Labour and Employment Law
We assist our clients (Tourists/business travelers and/or insurance companies) in case of personal injury suffered in France in any private/public area (automobile/car accident, medical malpractice, etc..) and have a strong experience in that specialist practice area.

As per French regulations, a compensation claim can be brought where the victim suffers physical, psychological or financial damage.

In case of personal injury the matter can be settled on a judicial or on an out-of-court basis. We instruct medical experts in order to assess the damage sustained.

We also assist and advise our clients in respect of Labour and Employment Law.

We draft employment contracts, amendments to employment contracts, etc. We assist our clients in disciplinary and layoff procedures (personal or economic reasons), mutual agreements. We advise and answer any questions relating to labour law (working time, salary, maternity leave, etc.)

We also assist and advise our French and foreign clients, as well as expatriates, on international mobility issues.