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French Property law

We assist clients buying or selling French real-estate. As independent legal advisers we protect your interests during the conveyancing process.

Contract-drafting / review

When drafting a real-estate purchase and sale agreement, it is important that each party knows exactly what is expected of them. Our experience in contract drafting ensures that your best interests remain protected throughout the entire contract process. If a contract already exists, we will carefully review the legal paperwork and either give you a confirmation as to whether it is legally sound, or talk you through the documentation, flag up potential issues, suggest new, protective wording, as appropriate.

Legal representation

Professional independent legal representation throughout the purchase or sale process can make clients save a bundle down the line. Being a  well-established, fully registered French law Firm whose partners include French-qualified Barristers and UK Solicitors, we can act for you throughout the purchase/sale procedure and fight to protect your interests, every step of the way.  

French real-estate marketing

Being accredited as Conveyancing Solicitor (Attorney) and Agent, we successfully market our client's French Properties;

Document-checking and advice service

We wil be happy to inspect and talk you through a wide range of agreements, including French leases, business contracts for provision of service or sale of goods; The service is designed for customers buying or selling French property, or conducting business in France, who want to ensure the legal paperwork is legally sound.
We will carefully review the legal paperwork and telephone you, or forward you a written report, to advise whether the documentation is legally sound, suggest any suitable wording, flag up possible legal issues, etc. Since speed generally is of the essence, we are usually available to do this at short notice.

French leaseback issues

We have extensive legal experience in advising  leaseback owners who are experiencing difficulties with  French leaseback companies, including:
- Filing statutory demand on defaulting leaseback companies;
- Lodging claims with the appropriate body, where the company has been put into receivership or liquidation;
- Negotiating revised rental terms;

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