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French debt recovery
by French certified lawyers
- Debt Collection
You need to collect your outCstanding invoices from debtors. Use the services of a true legal professional:

As part of their debt collection, creditors (artisans, traders etc...) regularly call on collection agencies; These companies are in fact commercial companies that simply send registered letters to debtors, often threatening them with bank attachments, even though they have no title enabling them to be actually executed;

We, as lawyers, can represent you
throughout the debt recovery procedure.
Why appoint a lawyer?

In the context of an amicable collection, the lawyer will also send a registered letter as formal notice, but very often this letter established on the firm's letterhead and indicating that you are dealing with a lawyer, will be much more dissuasive for the debtor ;

Moreover and if the urgency of the situation requires it, the lawyer will be able to obtain an order from the Judge allowing him to seize in a conservative way the sums due and thus to secure the debt before the debtor company does not organize, for example, its insolvency;

Moreover, when the parties cannot reach an amicable settlement, the collection companies have no choice but to refer the matter to the competent court to obtain a judicial decision "on the merits", the only act making it possible to recover the sums due;
Most collection companies also call on lawyers in the so-called "contentious" or "judicial" phase, i.e. when the debtor is summoned before the Judge;vThe only consequence of this double intervention is to increase the costs of the recovery procedure;
To increase your chances of recovering your outstanding debts, call a lawyer - Direct intervention will often be faster and more effective; Furthermore, and thanks to our legal network, in case you need to recover a debt in other country, we can put you in contact with our partners, who have an extensive  experience in debt recovery cases.
French lawyers can work on the basis of success fees, that is to say that the client pay only on the amount recovered; A flat-rate but minimum amount must nevertheless be cashed at the beginning of the procedure;
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