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We manage the procedure with the competent customs’ office on your behalf:
  • Collecting the documents;
  • Providing the customs with;
  • Liaising with a correspondent near the competent customs office;
You want to operate as a professional in the spirits and alcoholic beverages business:
As lawyer, we can assist you.
Set Up a Bonded Warehouse
/ Become an Authorized Warehouse-Keeper in France;

• Set up a French Company / Find a lease agreement / Accountants

• IMPORT / EXPORT - Produce or process spirits, intermediate products - Hold Products you have received , or purchased and which are to be shipped or sold on in volumes which, for the same consignee or same buyer, exceed the levels set by decree.

• PRODUCTS / Alcohol / Spirit drinks or alcohol / Intermediate products / Wine or other fermented beverages / Sparkling wine / Beer / Cider...

We help and assist you to file and obtain the authorization near The French custom authorities in accordance with the applicable regulations:
“You must file an application with the customs and excise department with territorial jurisdiction. The competent department is the one with jurisdiction over the location of the tax warehouse(s) subject to excise duty suspension arrangements where products are produced, held and received and from where products subject to excise duty are shipped under suspension of excise duty, duty-paid or released for consumption.

The declaring party must state his/her/its identity (surname, first names, corporate name and exact address of the company), the type of business activity, provide many documents as a Bank guarantee“
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